3 MORE reasons dancing makes you happier

By Piyali Somaia On September 22nd, 2016


We love to blog about the benefits of dancing, and being a dancer all my life I get very excited every time I read a new study which proves the theories that my fellow dancers and I have felt and shared over the years. We’ve already blogged about the amazing impact that group dancing has on feeling more connected to others and how taking dance classes can reduce the risks of dementia. Dance truly is food for the body, mind and soul and here are three more (scientifically proven) reasons you should start dancing now!

1. Dancing boosts your self esteem:
A recent study has shown the effect of dancing on the self esteem of girls. This Swedish research observed girls between the ages of 13-19 years old, who all had symptoms of anxiety, depression, fatigue or neck and shoulder pain. One group danced twice a week, while the control group did not dance at all and then their self esteem was rated and compared. The group that danced showed improvement in self esteem and also recorded that improvement lasting four to eight months after the dancing ended! Given that life as a teenager can be taxing enough, how wonderful to know that dancing can help not only keep our bodies moving but how we feel about ourselves too.


2. Dance improves social skills:
In this particular study, young children from the U.S.A participated in a creative dance program. The dance program consisted of two sessions of 35 minutes per week. When compared to the control group, the students who danced regularly reported significant improvement in social skills and reduced behavioural problems. The social skills that were improved included ability to make new friends, communication and the ability to gain entry to groups. These skills are fundamental to happiness in all ages and it’s exciting to see that dance can help develop these essential skills, especially in children.

3. Dance reduces depression and stress:
We all would have heard by now that mindfulness and meditation can have enormous benefits to our health but so does dance. In fact now research suggests that dance complements meditation perfectly, especially in combating stress! A study by the Complementary Therapies in Medicine looked at the effects of taking classes of mindfulness meditation and tango dancing on levels of depression and stress. The study looked at nearly 100 participants and results showed that whilst dance and meditation both reduced levels of depression, dance was the only one that reduced levels of stress and anxiety.

What more reason do you need to dance? The key is, choose a type of dance and music that inspires you and join a class or group that meet regularly – it can only lead to a healthier and happier you.

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