Dance Classes

Looking for Bollywood dance classes? We have a huge range of Bollywood and classical Indian dance classes at our dance school for adults, Studio J! Learn from our incredible line-up of world-class professional dancers, including our Sapphire dancers. We have some amazing styles such as Bollywood, BollyNatyam, Bhangra, Kathak, Bhangra-HipHop and more!! Learn Bollywood from some of the Sapphire Dance team including our Director Jaya Karan, Artistic Director Gerard Pigg and dancer Ida Ghatge!!

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Time Class Teacher
6:00pm Mohiniyattam (Beginner) Raina Peterson
7:00pm Bharatanatyam (90 minute class, Intermediate/Advanced) Govind Pillai
8:30pm Bolly-Natyam (Intermediate) Jaya Karan
6:00pm Bollywood (Intermediate) Gerard Pigg
7:00pm Bhangra (Beginner) Priyanka Sharma Singh
8:00pm Bolly Heels (All Levels) Gerard Pigg
10:00am Bolly Fit (All Levels) Joshinder Chaggar
6:00pm Bhangra-HipHop (Beginner/Intermediate) Priyanka Sharma Singh
7:15pm Kathak Semi-Classical (Intermediate) Parvyn Kaur Singh
12:15pm Bolly Fit Express (45 minute class) Joshinder Chaggar
6:00pm Kathak Semi-Classical (Beginner) Parvyn Kaur Singh
7:15pm Bollywood (Beginner) Gerard Pigg
8:30pm South Indian Street Dance (All Levels) Gerard Pigg
10:00am Bollywood (All levels) Joshinder Chaggar
1:00pm Bolly Kathak (90 minute class, All levels) **starting 3 Feb 2018 Ida Ghatge
5:00pm Kalaripayattu (2-hour Beginner class) Ramona Yagnik