Dance Classes

STUDIO J’s annual showcase is coming!! Sign up for your favourite courses and join us on stage on 8 September 2024 at Bunjil Place Theatre!*
*Showcase term for Bolly-HipHop Beginner & Bhangra Beginner will be updated shortly. All courses except Bollywood Beginner (Sun 1pm) will be taking part.
**Regular courses will resume after showcase in mid September. Course fees will revert to previous 2024 pricing after showcase.
Prices below are for attending IN-STUDIO (1/147 Swan St, Richmond VIC), and reflect the full course fee plus showcase participation fee for relevant courses.
Can’t attend in person? Try our ONLINE classes instead.
Can’t commit to a full course, unable to participate in showcase or looking for casual classes? Check our our CASUAL CLASSES & WORKSHOPS

Time Courses Course Fee Start Date
6:00pm South Indian Street Beginner by Ashwini $349 8 July
6:10pm Bharatanatyam Beginner Level 2 by Rashan $449 17 June
7:15pm Bharatanatyam Beginner Level 1 by Rashan $449 17 June
6:00pm South Semi-Classical (Beginner) by Ashwini $349 16 July
6.00pm Bolly-HipHop Beginner by Samson $199 4 June
7:10pm Bharatanatyam Advanced (75 minutes) by Govind $449 9 July
7:15pm Garba by Ashwini $375 9 July
10:00am Bollywood Seniors (Mature Age) by Joshinder $250 24 July
6:00pm Kathak Technique Beginner 1 by Ida $349 17 July
7:15pm Bolly-Kathak Beginner (75 minutes) by Ida $400 17 July
7:15pm South Indian Street Intermediate by Sathiya $349 17 July
8:30pm Kathak Technique Beginner 2 by Ida $349 17 July
6:00pm Kathak Choreography Intermediate by Ida $375 11 July
7:15pm Belly-Bolly Beginner by Raksha $349 18 July
8:30pm Bhangra Beginner by Sonya $165 13 June
8:30pm Belly-Bolly Intermediate by Raksha $375 11 July
3:30pm Bolly HipHop Level 2 by Samson $349 20 July
11:00am Bharatanatyam Intermediate (75 minutes) by Divya $299 28 July
12:10pm Bhangra Intermediate by Sonya $349 7 July
1:15pm Bollywood Beginner by Sonya $269 16 June